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Dear Dr. Root,

I visited you last spring and you gave me a cortisone shot for my trigger finger. It was 100% successful for a long time for which I am grateful to you. I also wanted to let you know that I did succeed in setting the Guinness World Record for oldest female to cross the US by bicycle! I completed my ride on October 23, 2016!! Thank you for the part you played in helping me set the record.

Lynnea S.

Great office staff and Dr. Paik was always extremely courteous, professional, and kind! They were sensitive to my financial situation and I always looked forward to my visits for a fractured arm.

Colin M.

After being referred to Dr. Wellborn by the VHC ER dept. my husband was incredibly relieved and surprised that he didn’t need surgery for his ankle injury. He was able to be successfully treated using a much more conservative approach. Because of our positive experience, I called and was able to get an appointment within 24 hours to see Dr. Guidi after developing a sudden painful knee issue. He has continued to work with me to treat not only the immediate pain / mobility issues, but also to develop a long term course of action to prevent further injury. His receptionist Melissa is also amazing at giving incredible customer service – she always has a smile on her face! I have also been treated by Dr. Root for a 2nd carpal tunnel release surgery and this experience has been night and day from my first one at a different practice 7 years prior. The ease of scheduling and the quick surgery itself was great, but I had almost no bruising whatsoever (not the case with my first surgeon) and the recovery was much faster! I have now referred my mother to see her for some issues she has been having as well! Great practice and great staff. Wait times can be a little crazy sometimes, but I appreciate never feeling rushed during my actual appoint either, so I just try to schedule AM apt.

Jessica P.

Two months after a very successful hip replacement surgery…. I am very grateful to Dr. Wellborn for his masterful expertise, confidence and support… Everything turned out as ordinary as he indicated… In my case there was no pain or major discomfort (beyond the swelling of the affected muscles) I wholeheartedly & highly recommend him to anyone…! The office staff and the Physical Therapy group also, did a thorough professional job… I thank them as well.


A “perfect” slip at figure skate practice left me with a broken kneecap, surgery, and an extended recovery. I am so grateful to have had Dr. Paik as my physician and surgeon at this very tough time. I met him within 24 hours of my injury and was immediately impressed with his professional knowledge and impeccable bedside manners. He put full thought and care into my treatment with the goal of getting me back to my prior activity level, kept me fully informed of what to expect, and worked with me to meet my needs along the way. He was genuinely enthusiastic about my progress – and there were certainly tough days in my recovery when his optimism helped keep me going. I truly feel I got the best care available anywhere for my injury. Recently I was finally able to lace up my figure skates and step back out on ice again, and I am incredibly thankful to Dr. Paik for getting me there. Thank you!!

Jennifer C.

Dr. Wellborn is not only a remarkably skilled surgeon who is responsible for several procedures in our family, but he stands apart in that he doesn’t have the stereotypical surgeon’s personality. He tries all possible measures to avoid the need for surgery, and he is engaging, friendly, reassuring, and articulate – he takes time to answer questions and explain everything so that a patient can understand complicated medical matters. His staff is similarly terrific, and Savena, his receptionist, is a delight – always warm, sympathetic, informative, and helpful.

Peter J.

In the past three years, after two bouts of Lyme disease and chronic arthritis, I had my left hip and right knee replaced by two different orthopedists. While the hip healed well, the knee remained swollen, stiff and painful for over 12 months. Even though I knew I had to face having the left knee replaced, I was very reluctant to go back to the same doctor who had basically told me I was impatient and just “a slow healer”.

Fortunately, I was referred to Dr. Wellborn to discuss my options. At our first meeting – and all subsequent- he sat next to me quietly discussing the situation. He recommended a cortisone shot to allow me to take a planned trip with less pain, followed by surgery when I felt ready. I felt immediately reassured, simply because Dr. Wellborn listened carefully, examined the x-rays and explained the necessity for the surgery.

Three months ago I had the replacement surgery in the outpatient facility, and came home the same morning. Dr. Wellborn allowed plenty of time before and after the procedure to talk to me and my husband and we knew I was in very good hands. I have made a great recovery this time. Physical therapy in the practice’s unit has been excellent, but I feel the real reason for such a different experience with this knee is Dr. Wellborn. His surgical skills, combined with his compassion and ability to engage with his patients, have resulted in a great outcome, and I could not be more grateful.

In fact, I have been impressed by every aspect of this process. At each appointment, I have been seen promptly, and have never felt rushed. Dr. Wellborn’s assistant, Sevena, has been so helpful, friendly and totally professional. She is a wonderful public “face” for the practice. I also want to thank Sam in Billing – whoever thanks anyone in Billing? – For her utter patience in explaining the intricacies of insurance. Thank you all.


Dr. Wellborn recently replaced my right hip. When he recommended out-patient surgery I had never heard of hip replacements being completed as out-patient surgery. I’m glad I followed his recommendation. What an amazing experience! I arrived at the surgical center a 6:00am, surgery at 7:00, awoke around 9:30, drinking coffee and eating crackers by 10:00 and on my way home by 12:00. Within a week I was walking upstairs unassisted and walking on the sidewalk for a block without a walking cane, this was after two home PT visits. The second week I walked up the Jefferson Memorial steps unassisted and by the third week I could walk over a mile. I was progressing much faster than I thought possible. It has now been six weeks since surgery and I am walking over two miles. I even raked the yard today and I’m feeling great. My biggest problem is that I feel so good I have to make a conscious effort to slow down and not overdo it. I completed PT twice a week and had a great experience with the PT staff. All along the way Dr. Wellborn’s assistant Sevena has kept me straight and has been a joy to work with. Office visits are on time, no waiting!

Franklin W.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Wellborn. After looking at other reviews from Dr. Wellborn’s patients, they have described him perfectly with lots of deserving adjectives. I would like to add by saying he is top drawer, a class act, an exceptional surgeon and just a genuinely nice person. Thank you for a job more than well done!! Now I can get on with my life!


Dr. Ochiai has seen me for several sports related injuries over the years. If I could give him a 10, I would. Dr. Ochiai is a brilliant surgeon and even a better person, he is “Team Cliffy”. If you don’t want to know the truth, don’t ask the question. If you want a doctor who truly cares about his patient’s best interest, you can’t go wrong with Dr. Ochiai. A special thank you to the staff at Nirschl Orthopaedic Center!!! Christina and the gang like Italian Store Pizza/Subs and Bakeshop cupcakes 🙂

Cliff K.

Following a harrowing experience long ago when a different orthopod, who fulfilled the old Henny Youngman gag (the one about the patient who tried to explain his shoulder pain by moving his arm in various positions is advised by the doc “if that position hurts, then don’t do it!) in a vain attempt to correct a shoulder problem I was having injected it with four needles, leaving me woozy and suffering a worse sore shoulder for weeks, I luckily found Dr. Robert Nirschl and he has treated me for decades beginning with that problem followed by a variety of other orthopedic ailments, breaks and sprains of many kinds; of ankle, shoulder, back, neck, arm among others, and now, knee. I guess it was just a matter of time. And from the many sessions of prescribed PT at Virginia Sportsmedicine fixing the problems as they arose I also have accumulated over the decades an extensive menu of exercises to ward off issues before thy occur, or relieve them when they do. Bravo to the therapists as well. So at this point in life I can still function fairly well, still skiing, but otherwise without the help of Dr. Nirschl, staff and therapy operation I might be just a pile of bones and gristle getting by with the basics. Many thanks to Dr. Nirschl and Virginia Sportsmedicine both of whom I recommend to anyone suffering orthopedic problems

Mike C.

Dr. Wellborn performed bi-lateral total knee replacement surgery on me in the Fall of ’14. His expertise and calm reassurance gave me the confidence to move forward with this decision. I can’t thank him enough for his amazing orthopedic skills. I am pain free and walking miles and miles each day. I am very happy and would highly recommend Dr. Wellborn to anyone needing a knee replacement. He and excellent P.T.’s at Virginia Sportsmedicine are the best!

M. Brown

When I first saw Dr Ochiai in June 2015, I was looking for relief from a year and a half of constant hip pain. I tried PT, but the pain was still persistent, so I opted to have a hip arthroscopy in October 2015. All I really wanted was to be able to play with my two preschool-age daughters without being in pain. I never would have imagined that seven months post-surgery I would be doing my first Warrior Dash, a 5k mud run/obstacle course (especially since I have never been much of a runner). Thanks to Dr. Ochiai and everyone else at Nirschl Orthopaedic Center, not only am I able to be active with my girls, I get to tell them that Mommy has waded through mud trenches, climbed up a 30-foot wooden pyramid and repelled down, and jumped over a fire pit.

Heather R


Dr Ochiai, You fixed my hip July of last year. Yesterday I completed the Marine Corps Marathon thanks to you! Attached is a picture to prove it.

🙂 Sincerely, Hajime R.




Hi Dr. Ochaii,

I recently returned from a great trip at Zion National Park. My husband and I were able to go on many spectacular hikes thanks to the knee brace that you gave me! I wouldn’t have been able to hike without the brace. Many thanks for all you do to help me maintain my active lifestyle.

Barbara Lynn O.




I was unexpectedly in urgent need of orthopedic care and surgery after breaking my kneecap from a fall at figure skate practice. Within hours I met Dr. Paik, and I’ve been so grateful ever since for both his excellent knowledge and skills, and for his genuine caring. He worked with me throughout my recovery, tailoring treatment to my situation, keeping me fully informed of what to expect, and taking as much time as I needed to answer all my questions and concerns. He was consistently positive about the outcome that would be achieved, which was so helpful to me because in a recovery that required several arduous months, I didn’t always feel positive. His professional reassurance, and enthusiasm for my progress, really got me through some of the tough spots. I was confident that I was getting the best care available, including the physical therapy which also has a talented, capable and caring staff. I am thrilled to be back in my figure skates and truly thankful to Dr. Paik for getting me there.

Jennifer C.



Please tell Dr. Nirschl that I will be forever thankful for his wonderful medical treatment, sage advice, and humorous anecdotes over the course of the past few years. Without him (and of course you and the rest of the team there), I would never have qualified for, and run, the Boston marathon. At 58 and with two replaced hips, I didn’t think it was possible to accomplish what for me has been one of my life-list goals. Not only did I get to run it, but I ran it with my daughter Gabbie, who ran the entire 26.2 miles with me! We finished together with a respectable 3:40 time. But the best part: as we crossed the line, the little girl who I carried, taught to drive and went off to be a biologist at 25, reached over and held my hand as we finished. That is a priceless moment, and one captured in one of the attached pictures (she cried, as you will see). I will always be grateful to you for helping to make this happen.

Don N.





Dr. Wellborn thanks for your patience and your surgical skill. I just finished a two day hiking trip in Shenandoah National Park. I have my life back.

Gina G







I’ve been an athlete all my life, competitive tennis, Masters Crew team, working out and golf. Since 1999 I’ve had 4 knee repair surgeries, two shoulder surgeries, and a tendonitis repair with the new Tenex procedure. I’m happy to say that I’ve returned to tennis, working out, yoga, and some golf. Dr. Nirschl and his physical therapists are top notch with a goal of helping you return to a life style of activity at whatever level is appropriate.

Lynn W.



I saw Cassie Root and highly recommend her. In my experience, it is difficult to find a doctor in this area that will take the time to actually listen to you, answer all of your questions, and recommend a thoughtful, personalized treatment plan. Dr. Root did all of those, and still managed to be efficient. She doesn’t jump to surgery right away, but also is honest in saying when it’s time for that option. I have pretty high standards and am rarely fully satisfied with the medical profession, but I can recommend her without any reservations.

Amanda J.

I saw Dr. Wellborn to consult about the need for hip replacement. It was a wonderful experience and as a nurse I’m a hard grader for medical experiences. Every person was friendly and helpful. They were so punctual I was amazed! Dr. Wellborn was kind and patient. He explained everything thoroughly and checked for questions. Their surgical coordinator was also very helpful and thorough. I couldn’t have been happier!

Wendy S.

Dr. Ronald S. Paik, it is not easy to find a doctor like you, one who breaks down doctor’s terms, other doctors say all medical terms like you should understand them and they do not take the time to explain. Dr. Paik you are an extraordinary good honest man of god , I just wanted to say” Thank you ” I greatly appreciate how you make me feel like I am the only patient you have, I can honestly say you give me all the attention, kindness, care a patient needs. When I get my knee surgery I only WANT Dr. Ronald S Paik to be my surgeon. And I am overwhelmed with Dr. Paik’s secretary, Joan. I just want to say she is a kind; helpful, friendly, caring, professional receptionist .It really is a pleasure in the morning to be greeted with a smile. Joan has a vibrant personality; seriously she takes care of all my needs. I am writing to say “Thank you “.Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And may God Bless both of you and your families.

Ethel C.

I am so thankful for Dr. Cassie Root and the staff at Nirschl Orthopaedic Center! My surgery was a huge success and I’m so glad I had it done! What she said I’d feel after the surgery was exactly right! I highly recommend Dr. Root! (Also, Megan at physical therapy was awesome, as well)

Martha M.

Dr. Nirschl, I want to thank you for the excellent care you provided for the partial tear in my patellar tendon. After having continuous pain in my knee for almost two years and trying several other treatment options with other physicians, I am now free of the pain. The Tenex procedure you and your team performed in your office went far beyond my expectations. The procedure was very quick and relatively painless. Moreover, the results were almost immediate, and the recovery time has been remarkably fast. Within just two weeks, I could scarcely feel I had the procedure on my knee. I really appreciate what you did for me, and I can’t tell you how thankful I am to be out of the pain. Please pass my thanks to the Tenex representative and the rest of your fantastic team. With deepest appreciation,

Mike L.

The phenomenal service starts with the initial phone call with Dr. Wellborn’s secretary, Shannon. The inflection in her voice alone showed genuine empathy and care for the reason of your visit. I am a personal trainer and competitive boxer/MMA fighter, so I have gone through my share of doctors. I have to say that Dr. Wellborn was the best orthopedic doctor I’ve visited as a patient. He is very transparent and genuine in his approach. My physician of choice for sure, grateful for the experience, professionalism, and care.

Drew K.

Dr. Ochiai, I wanted to send you a belated note of thanks for the successful Brostrom procedure you performed on my ankle. About this time two years ago, I thought it was extremely unlikely that I would ever run again. Yesterday I completed the Marine Corp Marathon, and bettered my course time from a decade ago by nearly ten minutes. I cannot adequately convey how much running means to me, and I’m so grateful to have it in my life again, thanks to you! Respectfully

Allison R.

I hurt my L thumb back in the spring, when I was told it was not broken by another MD. I saw Dr. Root back in October learned that it had a healed fracture and osteoarthritis was starting, we tried some conservative treatment. It improved slightly but back as time went on the pain was significant again. Finally decided to go see her, and learned the arthritis had progressed significantly. After a significant discussion, we decided that fusing the joint was probably the best option. Surgery was scheduled 10 days later. Everything went very smoothly. She has excellent bedside manner, and really listens.

Jennifer G.

My husband had detached ligaments on his knee. Dr. Ochiai described the problem and what needed to be done. He made us feel relaxed and confident. The operation went well. The recovery took the usual amount of time. Now my husband is up and around like normal.

Alexis W.

Dr. Ochiai, getting a second opinion from you was one of the best decisions I made this year. Here I was self-employed and a young daughter keeping me on my toes. I had been experiencing pain in my hip. After having an MRI I was told surgery was needed to correct the problem and the recovery time would be 6 weeks without being able to drive, which is touch when you have a young child! I’m thankful to my friend who is a doctor for recommending I get a second opinion. After she did some research you came highly recommended by several in the medical community. From the moment I walked into your office there was a level of professionalism with the staff. They also respected my time and I did not have a long wait in the reception area. After looking at my MRI you were not as eager to have me undergo surgery and recommended I have a steroid shot in the area I was experiencing the pain. The previous orthopedic surgeon had given me a steroid shot but not in the correct area. Because of you I was able to enjoy my family in town for the holidays and get through the busy school year without severe pain in my hip. I’m sure at some point I might need surgery but hopefully I can plan it where it doesn’t fall right in the middle of winter and the school year. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Ochiai.

Shannon B.

The Nirschl orthopaedic clinic is run compassionately and efficiently (yes, both). I first arrived at Nirschl after months of hip pain to see Dr. Ochiai on the recommendation of a physical therapist (after a complete and laughable misdiagnosis of the source of my pain at a different clinic). Dr. Ochiai quickly ordered the correct tests, found the actual source of my pain and explained two options for treatment. When I chose surgery (he concurred) my surgery was immediately scheduled for four days later because Dr. Ochiai was willing to add me to the end of his schedule on a Friday for my convenience. What a dedicated and skilled surgeon! My case was more severe than expected from my MRI, but Dr. Ochiai repaired the messed up cartilage and bone in my hip none-the-less and now, three months later I can sleep and walk without pain and I am even cautiously beginning resistance training again in my lower body. I especially appreciated the way Dr. Ochiai coordinated my recovery not only with my physical therapist but also with my fitness trainer who was welcomed to join me at an office visit to ask questions. Through my experience at this clinic I have learned that caring, effective, coordinated medical care is alive and well in Arlington, Virginia. Final caveat: I have been seen on time for each and every appointment I have made at Nirschl and also next door at the Virginia Sportsmedicine Institute where Dianne is my excellent physical therapist.

Carol S.

Dr. Nirschl scoped my old knee that has played more tennis and ran more miles than most folks can count. Top world tennis players thank him for prolonging their careers. If you are an athlete, I suggest you check out this organization. If you are not an athlete, you might want to visit to make sure you get the best.

Vaughn B.

I am one of your satisfied customers. This month marks the one-year anniversary of my last total hip replacement surgery. A previous total hip replacement was performed on my other hip a year prior. Both surgeries were very successful and I am walking again, the way I use to. My quality of life has improved 100% from two years ago and I want to thank you for the excellent medical professional that you have on staff in Dr. Clay Wellborn. He met me with a strong handshake and a smile and gave me confidence that we could fix what ailed me. And he did. He advised me on his recommended course of action, discussed all questions I had thoroughly, and supported my decision-making. I felt a real partnership with him in planning for my surgeries. And the best part was that he did an excellent job repairing my failing hip joints. You have a rare gem in Dr. Wellborn.

Mildred L.


Dr. Nirschl I Finished with a Boston qualifying time of 3.34! Couldn’t have done it without you and your fantastic team!

Don N.





Dr. Root is terrific! She removed a tumor from my finger last July. I was happy with her explanation of the diagnosis and what the process would be like. The surgical outcome and the entire experience were very positive.

When I fractured my wrist in November, I chose her again for the surgery. In fact, I had the accident while on vacation in London and the emergency room staff wanted me to have the surgery there. However, I chose to fly home to have Dr. Root perform the surgery because she is a hand specialist and I had confidence in her from my previous operation.

It was a very complex fracture that required two steel plates. She fully explained the x-rays to me and described how she would approach the repair and what the surgery would be like. I felt comfortable throughout the surgical experience. She did a marvelous job. Even though I had a longer incision because two plates were required, I’ve met three people with similar surgeries who ended up with larger scars from other surgeons. Dr. Root did a neat job, with small stitches.

The nursing and front office staff was friendly and efficient throughout multiple visits: to have a cast removed and replaced by a splint, get stitches removed, replace a splint with a cast, and then have the final cast removed, as well as x-rays pre-surgery and for follow-up exams. Also very convenient is that the practice is located across the hall from a physical therapy center that has done a great job with my wrist recovery treatment.

I hope you will never need hand surgery, but if you do I highly recommend Dr. Root.

Chris S.
Arlington VA

Dr. Ochiai was a welcome relief after years of hip pain. Email with staff was quick and responsive. Surgery went well even coming from out of town. So glad to see someone who knew how to fix my problems

Cameron P.
Glen Allen VA

I was referred by a friend to this office. I saw Dr. Wellborn and have nothing but wonderful things to say about him. He’d been called into surgery the morning of my appointment and was running about 15 minutes late. As soon as he walked into the room and introduced himself he apologized for the delay. After explaining my problem – dealing with my first ever running injury (I’ve been running for over 20 years), he was understanding and immediately said, “Okay, we need to get you running again as soon as possible.” I didn’t have to explain to him the importance of running or argue that this sport was something I wanted (needed!) to continue. He listened to my concerns and explained everything thoroughly, including my diagnosis. He took his time and I never felt rushed. Overall I was very pleased and I’m hopeful that when I return in a month for my follow-up exam I can state the PT helped correct the problem and I’ll be cleared to return to my previous levels of running.

Courtney B.
Arlington VA

I have been a patient of Dr. Ochiai’s for two years (for a hip labrum tear replacement and for arthritis in both knees). I have never had any complaints about his care. He listens to descriptions of my issues, explains his recommended course of treatment, how long it will take to get me back to triathlon training and racing, in fact he’s never been discouraging about me training, and is often a cheerleader for me to continue racing and knows about updates to my races before I even get to the office. Danielle, his assistant, has been an absolute dream to work with and she’s always extremely responsive to my scheduling requests and general questions.

Valerie D.
Woodbridge VA

I was referred to Dr. Nirschl by my rheumatologist after months of physical therapy and a series of cortisone shots failed to relieve pain in my rotator cuff. He had an x-ray taken (in his office), examined my shoulder, asked questions and patiently listened to what I had to say. He then administered another type of injection in a different part of my shoulder than the cortisone shots. Instantly, I was able to easily raise the arm above my head and bend it behind my back without pain — something that had not been possible for nearly 6 months. As far as I’m concerned, Dr. Nirschl is truly a miracle worker. He’s also pleasant, thoughtful and thoroughly professional, with a “bedside manner” that would be the envy of Marcus Welby.

William C.

Dr. Wellborn performed my surgery and set up my rehab program. He is, without a doubt, the BEST. The rehab program was tailored to my individual situation and worked very well for me. I would, without question, refer anyone to Nirschl Orthopaedics for any problems they are having. I have also used them for hand and shoulder problems.

Gary B.
Springfield VA

Dr. Ochiai is a very skilled surgeon. I have all the confidence in him professionally. I called the office once with a question and he called me back the same day, I was impressed. He operated on my hip and all went well and I am recovering nicely. There are not many orthopedic surgeons trained in the type of arthroscopic hip surgery that he performed and I was grateful to be able to have him do it and that my insurance covered it. Speaking of insurance, when the company first turned me down, he promptly sent in a justification which was then approved. All my follow up surgical visits were of no charge which I thought was outstanding. When I needed med refill he provided them promptly. He always answered all my questions. He was professional and efficient. I would recommend him to anyone with an orthopedic injury.

Jeannette W.

I went to see Dr. Root for a cyst that had formed on my hand. I was pleasantly surprised to have the entire problem taken care of in one visit, and not have to come back and pay for another appointment. She came in, asked what was wrong with my hand, and didn’t waste any time. After a brief chat, had an X-Ray and an Ultrasound on my hand, and we discussed options for treatment. She suggested aspirating the cyst instead of surgery as a first step. To my surprise, we took care of it right then and there.

Caitlin P.
Washington DC

I went to Dr. Ochiai on a referral. Little did I know at the time at how lucky I was to be so close to one of the best hip arthroscopy docs in the nation. Although Ochiai isn’t the most bubbly of docs, I didn’t go to him for his small talk. He is an extremely professional surgeon that is highly respected in the field of hip arthroscopy and I feel good about my decision to have him operate on both of my hips to remove decades of bone growth. I trust this surgeon to do the best that he can for his patients and to go that extra mile – what else can you expect from someone who was a two-time national karate champion!? If you need a counselor, go elsewhere; but if you need a specialist who is at the top of his trade to treat your ailing body, Dr. Ochiai’s your man.

Adam W.
Washington DC

I thought Dr. N was great. My 15 year old has a hip issue we are dealing with. She is a freshman sprinter; Dr. Nirschl took the time to educate her about how whole-body strength is key to her performance. He explained to her the difference between pain before during and after her running. He gave her a thorough exam, was engaging and funny, not rushed. I liked that he was cautious in his diagnosis of her problem, starting her on PT first rather than going straight to a lot of medical testing, poking, and probing that might make her fearful of future testing. We are very happy with Dr. Nirschl.

Pamela P.
Alexandria VA

Dr. Wellborn performed hip replacement surgery on me about five years ago. As a result of the passage of time, I can recommend him without reservation from both a short- and long-term perspective. I have also had the opportunity over the years to compare my experience with friends and relatives. I have had less discomfort (almost none) and a faster recovery time than anyone I know. There were no post-surgery complications. The new hip has given me no problem. Within a short time, it was like I had no surgery.

Because of his high level of competence and effectiveness, I would not require a good bed-side manner. But he’s very accessible and a nice guy as well, so a great bed-side manner is another bonus.

Joe C.
Vienna VA

I am a 22 year old former United States Marine. I lead an extremely active lifestyle, both on the job and recreationally. After leaving the service due to a shoulder injury, several months after I got out I began to notice pain in my left hip. A morning ache at first that progressed to waking me up in the middle of the night, to bothering me all day, to walking around with a cane.

I saw many doctors, locally and one at the University of Virginia, and received many different diagnoses. Some told me I had a labral tear, others said no, but the common denominator was that no one felt comfortable going in and trying to do anything about it. I felt hopeless. I could no longer do the activities I loved, I had lost over 30 pounds from not being able to work out, and my pain level was quite literally changing my personality. Then I was finally referred to Dr. Ochiai in April of 2013.

I got an appointment relatively quickly for a specialist, and made the 2.5 hour trip from Richmond to Arlington, VA. Dr. Ochiai is very professional and gets right down to business. He was very kind and patient, but he is not there to sweet talk you or hold your hand. His credentials are extremely impressive, and while that’s not everything, he is a master at what he does and he is going to simply tell you like it is. Nothing more, nothing less. After reviewing my MRI images, listening to what I had to say, and giving me a quick exam, he told me that I had a labral tear and FAI cam impingement, and that there were two options. Do nothing and hope it improves a bit with some therapy which was highly unlikely, or perform surgery to correct it. I unhesitatingly said yes to surgery, and so we set it up for a few weeks later.

I had surgery at Massachusetts Surgery Center in Bethesda, Maryland in May. The surgery center itself left a few things to be desired in a few areas, but that’s a review for another time and has nothing to do with Dr. Ochiai or Nirschl Orthopedics. Dr. Ochiai came and said hello before surgery, and then I was put under and surgery was done. I stayed in the DC area that night to attend a follow-up appointment the following day. I was in severe pain that night, but Dr. Ochiai made the follow-up appointment as easy as possible, looking me over quickly and getting me out with my recovery instructions and adjusting my medication to help control my pain. After that I was comfortable.

2 weeks post-op I was easily walking without crutches. My physical therapist thought there was a mistake in my paperwork at my first visit. Surely I had written the date of surgery incorrectly. I progressed extremely quickly after this. I am now 10 days away from 3 months post-op. I am running, working out, and going on ocean swims. I still have days where I am a bit stiff, but overall I feel great. I attribute my unbelievably fast recovery to the expertise of Dr. Ochiai. I have two tiny incisions on the front of my hip, and it is clear that he was as minimally-invasive as possible.

I would recommend Dr. Ochiai to anyone, and if I ever (god forbid) have another joint issue again, I will not hesitate to go back. Like I said, he truly gave me my life back. I cannot thank him enough.

Adam S.
Chester, VA

I am a 24 year old doctorate of physical therapy and masters of athletic training student and an ex-college athlete. I have swam and played water polo my entire life and due to my active lifestyle, I managed to acquire an FAI (femoral-acetabular impingement, basically excess bone spurs) and a hip labral tear. I was no longer able to run, swim, or play water polo; even sitting for extended periods of time was miserable, always resulting in deep groin pain.

It was through my advanced rehabilitation and musculoskeletal courses in school where I first heard of Dr. Ochiai. In our profession, he is considered one of the best orthopedic surgeons, especially in regards to hip arthroscopic procedures. Obviously I was more than willing to drive the hour out to Arlington to meet with him. At first impression, he was incredibly quiet, a bit shy, but 100% professional and to the point. As a student, I was eager to chat with him and bombard him with a multitude of questions for my own self-interest…which he answered graciously and informatively.

In my line of work/studies I have encountered numerous surgeons and have become accustomed to their demeanors, but Dr. Ochiai is in NO way, shape, or form rude or unprofessional. He is blunt and to the point, which in all honesty, is what people need if they are facing potential surgical procedures. (Regardless, who truly cares how a surgeon’s bedside manner is, as long as they are awesome at their work? I’d rather have a jerk who is amazing at what he does versus a so-called “nice guy” who is mediocre at best…but with Dr. Ochiai, he is BOTH nice and gifted at what he does).

Dr. Ochiai was always available to me, as a patient, for questions and both pre- and post-operative visits. Even on the day of my surgery, he stopped by before and after the procedure to check on me and to chat with my parents. Throughout the entire process he was incredibly honest about potential risks and side effects of the procedure, which come with any form of surgery. However, I am now 8 months post-op and I am running, swimming, and back to my normal and active lifestyle. This is the first time in my life I have been pain-free and god forbid I need the same procedure on the other hip, I would not think twice about going to Dr. Ochiai and doing it all over again.

Also- every secretary or other Nirschl employee I had the pleasure of meeting was polite, professional, and more than willing to assist me with any questions I had.

Winchester, VA


During my first visit with Dr. Nirschl he told me 3 things:

1. He thought he could repair my shoulder using a patch graft
2. It would NOT be an 18 year old shoulder (I am 66)
3. Complete healing would take a year

With an admirable mix expertise, encouragement and humor, Dr. Nirschl has made my surgery and rehab a success. It has been a difficult year, but worth the hard PT. I am able to fulfill all of my work-related responsibilities as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner and am able to ride, again. Thank you, Dr. Nirschl! And a special thanks to Lily for her kindness and pleasant smile.

Sharon Heiser


I officially get to thank Dr. Nirschl and staff for putting me back together multiple times. Don’t know where I would be w/o him. My grade-4 shoulder separation surgery, numerous rotator cuff surgeries, multiple ankle surgeries and my favorite the horrific lisfranc injury and surgery. I really appreciate everything he’s done for me.

I can’t forget to thank the entire staff including the nurses and my good friends at the front desk 🙂 I would also like to thank all the physical therapists from the rehabilitation side that helped me along the way.

Hope I get to see him cruising Lake Gaston some day!!!!

Timothy S.

My experience at Nirschl Orthopaedic Center was a very positive one. I found the physician I saw to be very kind, caring and he listened to me – a rare commodity in today’s medical field. The staff all acted as if they really liked their jobs and it showed in their patient interaction.

Christine E.

All of the doctors in this practice are great. I would not consider going anywhere else for orthopaedic care.

Debbie A.


Dr. Nirschl – I am writing to you to let you know, since you “fixed” my rotator cuff when I was 67 years old and had me take physical therapy I am playing tennis stronger and better than ever!

Sylvia W.




Dr. Wellborn is the “total package”, smart, compassionate, good listener and a top surgeon. Lovin’ my new knee that he gave me. Thanks Dr. Wellborn

LeAnn K.

Dr. Ochiai has performed two surgeries on me: hip labrum repair in 2010 and rotator cuff repair with a biceps tenodesis in 2012. He was recommended to me by a physical therapist who said several of her patients thought he was a “miracle worker”; I am still thanking her for the gift of her outstanding recommendation.

Top eight reasons why I appreciate Dr. Ochiai:

1. Four other shoulder surgeons said they could not fix my shoulder, but Dr. Ochiai has anatomical corrected it to the degree that I have complete range of motion for the first time in 20 years.

2. My hip labrum surgery was totally successful. It took a year to heal but the painful symptoms are now completely gone.

3. Before agreeing to do surgery, Dr. Ochiai evaluated every relevant diagnostic film and tried alternative treatments such as injections and PT.

4. He followed through with me for a year after each surgery , making sure I was getting appropriate PT and answering any rehabilitation questions.

5. In the office appointments, he sits down in a chair across from me and gives complete eye contact. I always felt that he listened to me and answered my questions.

6. He is direct and honest. He told me the shoulder surgery was a risk and he couldn’t guaranty it would help but that he would do his best. I was so desperate with the relentless pain that I was willing to try it. I’ve since thanked God and Dr. Ochiai profusely because the surgery really made a difference.

7. He is a kind person and talks to me with respect. He genuinely wanted to make a difference in my pain level. This seems very basic, but I have been to a large number of specialists, and this is not always the case.

8. He has a fantastic assistant, Danielle, who answers e-mails on the same day I send them and is willing to pass them along to Dr. Ochiai when relevant. It makes it easy for me to obtain a prescription or make an appointment.

I have since recommended Dr. Ochiai to other people with orthopedic issues. He is a highly skilled surgeon and wonderful doctor.

Lynn V.
Burke VA

I wanted to write and thank Dr. Wellborn and his staff, specifically Tina, Laura, and Sophorn. The compassion they showed me and my 91 year old mother who fractured her tibia is unheard of in this day of medicine. The amount of extra care and their willingness to go out of their way was remarkable. I cannot say enough. To anyone who reads this, please do not look anywhere else and go to Dr. Wellborn. Thank you,

Sharon M.

Dr. Ochiai, I don’t know what type of crazy bionic material you used or what magic you had in those hands of yours to repair my hip, but I ran the GW Parkway Classic 10 mile race last Sunday and finished 10th in my division with an average pace of 7:25. This might not seem like a big deal to a lot of people but considering my fastest 10 mile pace in 2011 was 10:43, it’s a huge deal to me.

Thank you for fixing my hip and thank you for each follow-up visit with your honesty and encouragement. I feel stronger than I ever have and that’s absolutely because of you.

Sara Ghaith

Prescribed physical therapy had not helped, and this time he gave me a cortisone shot, which completely and permanently resolved the problem. I have used Dr. Nirschl for over 30 years for various athletic injuries, and he did rotator cuff surgery on me 25 years ago. He is very knowledgeable, and has exactly the right attitude to my mind – he wants to get you back to your activity, but not too reinjure yourself. His rotator cuff surgery was completely successful, no problems since then. He is always willing to spend time talking to you. His Virginia Sportsmedicine Clinic is just fabulous, the physical therapists are wonderful. They have gotten me back to my activities many times.

Martin Lampe

It has been 5 years since I moved to Florida from Arlington VA. When I injured my knee it seemed that the doctors in Florida could not diagnosis it properly. I finally gave up and flew back to see Dr. Wellborn. With his excellent care and attention to detail he was able to diagnosis me with a torn patellar tendon. It is now 8 weeks post-surgery and I am feeling great! I will not make that mistake again; any orthopaedic injury and I will be on the first plane back to see Dr. Wellborn.

Steve Pizzi

I saw Dr. Robert Nirschl for my knee and back. He was great. He’s really smart and he knows what to do.

Eric Steckler

Dr. Wellborn performed my surgery and set up my rehab program . He is, without a doubt, the BEST. The rehab program was tailored to my individual situation and worked very well for me. I would, without question, refer anyone to Nirschl Orthopedics for any problems they are having. I have also used them for hand and shoulder problems.

Gary Buffington

I became a patient of Dr. Clay Wellborn and physical Maureen, who has worked closely with me as my Physical Therapist as I dealt with two deteriorating hip joints. To be honest, I feared surgery. I mean I was committed to rehabilitating my hips, but not surgically repairing them. At the same time my father became ill and passed away and Dr. Wellborn help me get through this trying family time with therapy and medications. When I finally decided on surgery my discomfort level was through the roof and my CAT Scans and X-rays showed that both joints had deteriorated. After my husband and I meet with Dr. Wellborn we all agreed that hip replacement was the only course of action left for me. Surgery was scheduled and I worked with my employer to schedule the need medical leave for my recovery and rehab sessions. Dr. Wellborn had described the likely change, but before surgery I was a skeptic. My surgery was successful. He found that my upper leg bone has broken through the now jelly like joint by more than an inch. He took that into account when he implanted the artificial hip joint so both legs would be the same length. His pre-surgery protocol was such that I experienced no after effects from the anesthesia. The day after surgery I was pain free for the first time in several years and in my case no pain killer drugs were necessary. The next day they had me walking the floor with a walker and before I left the hospital I was able to walk up and down a few stairs. My health insurance provided for several weeks of home therapy followed by twice a week physical therapy at the Virginia Sportsmedicine Institute physical therapy center in Arlington next to the Virginia Hospital Center. Because I had worked with my physical therapist Maureen before surgery, I was physically prepared for a speedier recovery. After a couple of weeks of home therapy I returned to the therapy Center and began strengthening and flexibility therapy. I was back at work in only 5 weeks. Six weeks later Dr. Wellborn replaced my other hip and I experienced again an even speedier and pain free recovery. If not for Dr. Clay Wellborn and Maureen Bradley, I would not be pain free today and more importantly walking normally. My story does not end there.

In July of 2012, I found out I had breast cancer, I stopped by Dr. Wellborn’s office immediately after learning I had cancer and we spoke about my diagnosis and began planning my physical therapy following surgery. I find him so compassionate and understanding. The day of my surgery, he stopped twice to visit with my husband and to check on my status. After my surgery they executed the physical therapy plan that he and Maureen had laid out so scar tissue would not prevent my arm and shoulder from functioning normally. I elected to have breast reconstruction surgery and again Dr. Wellborn and Maureen have helped my physical and emotional recovery after each of these additional surgeries. I found Maureen, and the other therapists, are very good listeners, and their therapy regiment has resulted in my regaining full motion in my arm and shoulder. Well that is our story . . . I hope you find yourselves in as excellent and supportive care as our family has experienced.

Patricia Betts, Springfield, VA

Dr. Nirschl,
I have often thought of what you did for me and how grateful I am to have found your practice. You truly turned my dire situation around when no one else could. So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you. You are definitely making a difference.

Stephanie C.

Dr. Wellborn,
Would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and thanks for you and your staff’s top notch professionalism. I am especially impressed in the way you take your work seriously but not yourself.


Having fractured my arm in three places after a fall on ice, I had serious doubts that I would regain the normal use of that arm again. Because of the expertise and care of NOC’s surgeons, and the skills, encouragement, and expectations of their physical therapists, I have regained the use of my left arm and am able to continue as if the fall never occurred.

Sr. Regina




I contracted a MRSA infection in my hand while conducting a botanical expedition in South America. By the time I was able to reach the town, I had gone into septic shock and had to undergo emergency surgery in country. I was then flown back to the states with the status of my finger and my hand uncertain. As a field biologist, my hands are essential to my work. I was very distraught about the health of my hand and frankly scared to death! In the emergency room, Dr. Root spoke to me candidly about my condition and reassured me that everything possible would be done. Her mannerism, demeanor, and kind words instilled a confidence that enabled me to relax and let me know that I was in good hands (with my bad hand). After the first surgery, Dr. Root checked in on me constantly and took EVERY measure possible to maintain the integrity of my hand and finger; she made me feel as if I were her only patient. After I was released from the hospital, she would call to check on me at home. She diligently followed my recovery and would often times come to my physical therapy appointments just to check my progress. She not only treated my injuries but also took a special interest in my overall healing. Dr. Root is hands down one of the best doctors I have ever encountered. In a day of overworked, overstressed and financially burdened health care system, it is a breath of fresh air to encounter such an amazing surgeon. As I write this testimonial with all 10 of my fingers, I owe it all to Dr. Cassie Root! Thank you for not only saving my hand and fingers but also for caring for me as a person. You made me feel very special in a very difficult time.

K. Redden



First, I would like to thank the entire staff at both Nirschl Orthopaedic Center and the Virginia Sportsmedicine Institute. They responded quickly and promptly to my request for a medical consult that was strictly related to the health of my knees. Dr. Nirschl is about as good as it gets. He was easy to talk with and straight-forward in his medical evaluation. He took the time to explain how I should focus as much as possible on preventative maintenance in order to prepare for what I was about to do.

Here’s some background information:
Born and raised in Alexandria, VA. I attended T.C. Williams High School (Class of ‘07), then enlisted in the United States Marine Corps from 2008-2012. After leaving the Marines, I, along with 5 other patriotic Americans, founded the organization “The Run for Veterans”. This Veteran’s Day (November 11, 2012), our team will embark in a once-in-a-lifetime, 3600 mile run that will take us through 21 states and, literally, from sea to shining sea. During this endeavor, the goal of The Run for Veterans is to raise 2 million dollars and raise awareness through schools, communities, and VFW halls in every town we pass throughout our journey.

As everybody knows, any 8 month, 3600 mile, 21 state run cannot take place without some planning. The first thing I had to do is make sure that I was physically prepared for the rigors of such a trip. For me, this began with my physical training at Virginia Sportsmedicine. On the very first day I visited Virginia Sportsmedicine, not only did I receive the knowledge, support, and medical verification on specific pain levels and locations, but I formed a quick and easy bond with all of the staff members. Not only did Mike Hmara increase my ability to run faster, but more importantly, he was dedicated to the educational aspect I never would have thought of without our discussions. Along with the help of Dr. Nirschl’s original examination and the physical strategic game plan he developed, I slowly mastered the strength, gait/stance/running and stretching techniques that directly fueled the confidence, ability, and knowledge I will need to safely and effectively navigate through my journey.

I’ve waited three and half years for this and now there’s not anything to stop me from achieving my goal.

As a man who served four years in the United States Marine Corps, climbed more mountains than I care to think about, and now currently train to prepare for a 3,600 mile run across America…I have no problem saying with honor, courage, and commitment that Nirschl Orthopaedic Center and Virginia Sportsmedicine are by far the most well rounded physician office and physical therapy and technique training facility I’ve ever received experienced.

All the Best,
J. Brendan O’Toole (U.S.M.C Veteran 2012 SGT)



Dr. Ochiai,
Thanks for getting me back to football so quickly!

All-State, All-Conference St. Stephen’s/St. Agnes High School
Khaamal Whitaker #2 TD Run.





Most other doctors would have walked away from my situation- instead you brought Dr. Cassie Root into the picture, and I must admit, she is a miracle worker. Not only is my hand now 99% pain free, she has an amazing bedside manner. During the physical therapy rehabilitation Dr. Root notified and kept in close contact with your PT center. In your name and her name, I wish to donate the sum of $500.00 to the Virginia Hospital Center. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Farouq Massoud

Dulles Airport Taxi, Inc.



Dear Dr. Nirschl,

Thank you for all your wonderful help and care, WE did it!

All the best,
Christel Hennet




“I have been seeing Dr. Nirschl since I was 12 years old and he is the only doctor I trust to give me a on-the-spot professional opinion. With his wealth of knowledge it gives me a real peace of mind that he is there to make sure I am healthly and can go out and compete at the highest level. I would personally recommend Dr. Nirschl and the rest of the staff at Nirschl Orthopaedic and Virginia Sportsmedicine to anyone.”

Brandon Snyder
1st round draft pick Baltimore Orioles, 3rd base for the Boston Red Sox






“In a sport where the smallest injury can mean the difference between winning and losing, the doctors at Nirschl Orthopaedic Center have been a major factor in keeping me health in my march toward a world title. No shortcuts are taken to be the best in their field. Working with the doctors and the great staff, I have been treated top notch and enjoy the pleasant, professional atmosphere. Every bump and bruise has been eradicated by their knowledge, work ethic, and attention to detail.”

Jimmy Lange
Processional boxer, starred in The Contender
World Boxing Union (WBU) Champion, Jr. Middle Weight
NABF Champion, Ranked 15 in the world
WBA professional record 37-4-2, 25 wins by knock out




“I had never had surgery before, and as a ballerina our bodies are everything. I came to Dr. Ochiai with pain in my hip and he discovered a labral tear and a bone spur on my hip. Dr. Ochiai performed orthoscopic surgery on my hip in April of 2007. I was nervous that I may not be able to dance the same way again. Dr. Ochiai made me feel very comfortable going through the process and I was confident that he was the best at what he does. Now I am dancing better than ever. I only rehabbed from surgery for 5 months and was also back to teaching gyortonic and yoga. My hip feels even now like I have more mobility and freedom. The most important thing is that Dr. Ochiai helped me continue to live my dream and perform on the stage for several more years! Thank you!!”

Morgann Rose







“I had one year left until I could retire from the US Postal Service. Unfortunately, two bad knees were keeping me from doing so. I needed a total knee replacement in my left and right knee. I had already had a total knee replacement on my right knee but I fall off a loading dock and broke a few pieces of the original replacement.

Dr. Wellborn did the total knee replacement in the left knee and a few months later took out the broken pieces of the right knee and repaired it to perfection. My retirement date has come and gone but I continued working, thanks to the wonderful job Dr. Wellborn did. Thank you so very much.”

Debbie C.




“Dr. Ochiai is a very skilled surgeon who really goes the extra mile. He had completely fixed my hip when I had an accident that broke my left knee badly. Dr. Ochiai helped me return from Mexico, where the accident occurred, and did surgery in the middle of the night. It was likely that I would walk with a limp and never dance again. Dr. Ochiai reassured me during the series of necessary surgeries that I would have a good recovery. He was right. I am back on stage dancing again and Bowen McCauley Dance is thriving. Thank you Dr. Ochiai!”

Lucy McCauley
Artistic Director of Bowen McCauley Dance



“I went to doctor Nirschl for knee pain and had arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus. Overall, the whole experience was positive. Dr. Nirschl is professional, honest and proficient. The therapists at Virginia Sportsmedicine Institute are equally capable and made the rehabilitation process not only effective, but enjoyable. I am now well on my way to recovery and beginning to enjoy the many outdoor activities I love. Thank you to Dr. Nirschl and Virginia Sportsmedicine Institute!”

Nick W.





“I am a competitive runner and 2004 Olympic Trials qualifier and I was experiencing hip pain that left me unable to train for the activity that I love. After 1 1/2 years of failed rehabilitation, I was referred to Dr. Ochiai to weigh the option of arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn labrum cartilage. He asked me the all important question, “Can you continue to train at the level needed to achieve your goals?” The answer was no. We went ahead with the procedure and it was incredibly successful. I was back to form in less than a year and am now training again to qualify for the trials in 2012. I attribute my success to Dr. Ochiai’s expert knowledge of hip repair and follow up guidelines. I saw him three times after the surgery to make sure I was progressing in a timely manner. My physical therapists said that I progressed faster than anyone they have ever seen and I credit the minimally invasive expert work of Dr. Ochiai. Best of luck in the New Year Dr. Ochiai. Thanks for everything.”

Mike Inge



I am an attorney from Fairfax, Virginia, and I have been a patient of Dr. Robert P. Nirschl, since January 2004. My first visit to Nirschl Orthopaedic Center occurred after I experienced severe pain in my left shoulder and in some fingers on my left hand. As part of my treatment, Dr. Nirschl sent me to his Virginia Sportsmedicine Clinic in Arlington, Virginia. As an avid golfer, I was very concerned that I could no longer compete in golf championships due to my very painful shoulder and fingers. Excellent physical therapy allowed me to recover and compete within a couple of months. The Sportmedicine Clinic has the very best physical therapists and techs I have ever encountered, and the clinic is well known throughout this region and East Coast as truly exceptional. The staff at the clinic is outstanding in every way and completely focused on returning patients back to their desired activities in superior condition. They are especially attuned to treating athletes and returning them to competition in better condition. The exercises they trained me to do enhanced my physical condition and resulted in further improvement into the future. Over the years, I have sought treatment from Dr. Nirschl and his staff for a number of physical problems including a left knee operation, left and right shoulder therapy, elbow therapy, hand and wrist therapy, and back therapy involving acute lumbar pain and sciatica. Throughout all of my physical ailments and challenges, Dr. Nirschl and his outstanding staff have always been there to return me to health. While a patient of Dr. Nirschl, I have been able to continue competing in golf championships at a high level. I have won 5 Pro-Am Championship events on the PGA Champions Tour and two Senior President’s Cup Championships at Kinloch Golf Club near Richmond, Virginia. The truly exceptional medical care that I have consistently received from Dr. Nirschl and his staff is the main ingredient in the success I have had in my golfing career.

Walton M. Jeffress, Jr, Esq



Nearly six years ago I underwent arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder in order to prevent the dislocations that seemed to be increasing in frequency. I was thoroughly evaluated at Nirschl Orthopedic by Dr. Clay Wellborn in late 2011, and he performed the Laterge surgical procedure last December. A year has passed and I have full range-of-motion, my strength is excellent, and I am pain free. I feel much more confident snowboarding and playing the drums again; I no longer feel that I may dislocate my shoulder.

Chris L.





I have a number of friends who have seen Dr. Wellborn and were very happy with his care attentiveness, so I went to see him when I injured myself. I found him through, approachable and kind. He listened to me, asked questions, examined my knee then explained the injury and treatment options. After physical therapy and an injection, I am now pain free and back doing the activities I enjoy, like keeping up with two-year old twin grandchildren. Should I injure myself again, I would not hesitate to see Dr. Wellborn.

Gail K.



“When you think of excellence, you think of Dr. Nirschl and his fine team of surgeons at NOC. They get your athletes back on the field/court as quickly and safely as possible. They work with the family, team, athletic trainers and coaches with great communication, professionalism and empathy. We all want to be associated with winners, Dr. Nirschl and his groups are definitely a winning team of sports specific doctors!”

Coach Joe Wooten
Athletic Direction & Men’s Basketball Coach
O’Connell High School



At age seven, as the result of a train accident, I lost my right arm above the elbow and my right leg below the knee. I subsequently competed in most sports and played trumpet. After college, I competed in golf, especially in amputee tournaments. In the 1980’s, I was a member of the Washington Redskins Marching Band for six years. However, from the late 80’s until now I have depended to a large extent on Dr. Nirschl and Virginia Sports Medicine to maintain a healthful level of physical activity. First, I developed tennis elbow and was being seen at Georgetown Hospital, where I frequently heard therapists mention the name “Nirschl”, seemingly as a standard treatment method. Then one day the orthopedist told me he thought I should see Dr. Nirschl. Until then, I thought they were talking about a textbook. So, since then, I have been treated successfully not only for the elbow, but for various knee and shoulder problems, especially a severe rotator cuff tear following a 2007 fall onto an icy road surface. More recently, in August 2011, I was on vacation and feeling in great shape when I was rear-ended by a truck, and again I am under treatment but seem to be responding well, as usual.

Because of my amputations, I have had need over the years to consult Dr. Nirschl about my prosthetic appliances when my prosthetist advised me to do so. Dr. Nirschl has always been most helpful and understanding in these instances.

After these years of outstanding, successful treatment by Dr. Nirschl and Virginia Sports Medicine, I am well aware of the professionalism and the great personal understanding and support of everyone there, many of whom I have known and greatly appreciated for decades.

Edward M.